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Regular Cloth Nappy - Dawn

$14.50 $18.50

PLEASE NOTE - with our recent production run, Dawn is slightly brighter then the original and does not match other Dawn products.

Each cloth nappy comes as a complete unit - 1 x cloth nappy shell + 1 x 4 layer microfibre insert. The booster insert is made up of four very absorbent layers of microfibre that is designed to quickly absorb liquid and draw it away from the mesh lining of the nappy, keeping your baby dry for longer. We have an adjustable snap sizing system to ensure a perfect fit at all stages of baby's development.

Our 'REGULAR' size cloth nappies are 'Pocket Nappies' and designed to fit from 4-16kgs.

Pocket Nappies are designed to place the microfibre insert inside the mesh lining of the nappy.


  • 1 x 4 layer microfibre insert for absorbency
  • ProCool CoolMax high-performance fabric lining with superior wicking keeping baby cool and dry for longer
  • Waterproof Outer Layer - High quality PUL (polyurethane laminate) to prevent soak through
  • PUL Tummy Panel to prevent wicking onto clothing
  • Inner PUL Tabs for extra wicking protection
  • Two rows of rise snaps
  • Double Gussets for extra leakage protection
  • Non bulky fit - Our cloth nappies are a nice and trim design 

We designed our cloth nappies to be simple, functional and beautiful. Our patterns are designed by talented international artists all over the world.  

***Primary Image of individual cloth nappy used is a mock image created for the purposes of showing the shape and snap location. Please see the other images for a better representation of the pattern and colours***   


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