You’ve decided to try cloth nappies, that’s fantastic! Now what?

Whether it’s because you want to reduce your waste, save on costs, your disposable options have let you down, your baby has allergies or you simply can’t resist a cute and fluffy cloth nappy! It can all feel a little overwhelming at first...but please don’t worry it really is simple once you get to know how.

How will using cloth nappies save your family money?

The average baby from birth to toddler will require 6,000 nappy changes and more than triple in disposable wipes. This equates to costs averaging between $3000 to $5000 per child.

Switching to reusable cloth nappies can have the benefit of saving your family a significant amount of money!


For a full day of using cloth nappies you will need

  • Approx 5-10 nappies, 5 for a toddler, 10 for a newborn baby
  • 2-3 wet bags for wet and dirty nappies if out and about
  • Reusable cloth wipes for change time
  • 1 x dry pail to store nappies before washing

To switch to cloth full time you will need 15-25 nappies. 25 allows you to wash 2 days worth of nappies and still have 2 days worth of clean and dry nappies although this depends on how often your baby likes to go!

Please remember, if you just want to try a few nappies at first or your budget doesn’t allow for the initial outlay, just add to your stash as you go. Every reusable nappy used is one less in landfill and better for our environment!

Please see our washing guide and detergent recommendations for our cloth nappies, inserts and nursing pads.