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The average New Zealand baby from newborn to toddler will require at least 5,000 nappy changes.

600 million disposable nappies go into landfill every year.

Switching to reusable cloth nappies can have the benefit of saving your family a significant amount of money and help save our beautiful planet.


Danish-made essentials crafted with safety and beauty in mind.


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2 For $40 Swim Nappies

The Bebe Hive

2 For $40 Swim Nappies


dry pail

A dry pail is a place to store dirty cloth nappies until main wash day. Ideally you may have two dry pails, one to store dirty cloth nappies and one to store pre-washed cloth nappies. We recommend having a dry pail with good airflow as shown in the photo. Having good airflow minimises mould from forming and also prevents odour.

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Wet Bag


Large Wet Bag - Butterscotch Dream

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We know that quality and durability is important for growing families. We are committed to upholding the highest of quality and standards. Our products are carefully designed, tried and tested by us so you can expect only the best from our little corner of the world!

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